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Germanic Tribes






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My German Heritage

Castling Sons Of The Universe

And,. tis amaZing as one ages

like a fine wine ought to get, drunK..

but to discovering the qualities

of those whos light flickered

how grand to have for others

something, LiT!

Wine Glass and Candle - The Commons Getty Collection - Flickr - 6.20.15


I do have a few favorite websites i like to visit.

This one will have your lil thinker all straightened up in no time!

Get tuned,. why dont ya!


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Any chance you might next recognize this inner light liT free soul

forced to flee?

Of course not.. well,. maybe,. and,..

i do have some favorite,. definers.. as well.

jfk – UNspoofed!


Why not make an effort to help out those helping you?

MuLTi TheMe ProjecTs

Peoples Assembly you too!




Adam Weishaupt – The Original Original! – Oh sTop!

Dear adam was caught in the riPpling wave, still raging

commandeered again this day,. as with most.


We opted OUT.. when will you!?

Get yourself a Quaker HaT!

No.. i didnt say 501ing CHRISTO church quakerism.

I said,. Quaker ThiS and Quaker tHaT..

get yourself a Quaker HaT.. or

a half a dozen or so,. or

one for everyday of the week

while you are at iT.



The House Of Quakers - 1 - logo - 1 - T

Quaker HaTs


May 1 1776 – Adam Weishaupt – The Perfectibilist

Later titled.. (attributed to Adams ideal)  – Illuminati.


“I declare and I challenge all mankind to contradict my declaration, that no man can give any account of the order of Freemasonry, of it’s origin, of it’s history, of it’s object, nor any explanation of it’s mysteries and symbols, which does not leave the mind in total uncertainty on all these points.”


“Nothing would be more profitable to us than a right history of mankind.

Despotism has robbed them of their liberty.

How can the weak obtain protection?”


The next read,. leads me to question why to base upon what

obviously is not, lest of course along the lines of something

aligory.. but,. why to PRETEND when TRUTH speaks for itself?


“Jesus of Nazareth, the Grand Master of our order, appeared at a time when the world was in the utmost Disorder, and among a people who for ages had groaned under the yolk of Bondage.

He taught them the lessons of reason. “


My thinking? – Get yourself up to speed! flirty

We simply dont indulge our toil amidst things like

zionism, masonry, brotherHOODs, boys clubs, ” belief culture – gods “

nothing system piTting, female enslaving, subservience sowing

child ill leading, defiling, trafficking, sacrificing, religions orienting,

rapist rebel gang,. CONglomerate rewarding sKiTting.

AFTER life.. pretending..


For starters. flirty

You know i could go on,. ainT?


Anybody remember the ERASE ILLITERACY campaign

of the 1960’s and 70’s?


American – no U,. Z instead of the tongues twisted thinking of,. s

freeing ALL english, is the medium proven to cause free thinking!


(who false flagged funds thieved THAT into extinction,. why?)

You WILL NOT be telling us how to SEE real reality.


You will NOT be writing nor ATTEMPTING to rewrite our history.

Wasting ANY MONEY or Resources of ANY sort on COMMON CORE,. math

clearly defines the deceit your illiteracy for rewards has hidden from you

as you commandeer life from where it once was,. free united and literate.


We DO NOT subjugate nor Rape in ANY WAY

our children unto a gender referencers failed systems rewards

if even only by piss poor public example

for instance, the BANNER holding sKiTs,. such as

ABBREVIATION explanation.. or

sexual behavior orienting.. system rewards for

displays and ANTiCs.

You,. are the Rapist.

You and your hijackers,. will NOT be ruling over our,. REPUBLIC.

We DO NOT indulge funding,

basing any education, public, nor government

on ANY of the above mentioned precepts

holy books,. compilations,. interpretations.

nor,. ” thinking “

Timeline COUNT the dead bodies, the females subjugated

the children,. displaced raped and sacrificed.


(Get out.. you ARE,. fired)


Free your mind.. HERE.


And,. HERE!

Sunday LiVe!


inT yer normal round-a-bout pReTendiNg..

Fair chance you’ll need a Quaker HaT ta hold yer liD fasT on!

Hows that wiGgle you around a bit?

Try this!




Domain Based Domaining,. domainer.

By,. deSiGn!


And again,. on a personal note shared by,. MILLIONS

No respect.. system intertwining,. funding

for the establishment of ANY religion.. or

system of tongues twisting upon what has

already been opted from.

United Literacy has no need for being COSTLY.


American no U where it shouldnt be

Z – instead of the tongues twisted thinking of s

pre ebonic – learnt read written,. freeing ALL english

iS.. the freeing ALL medium proven to cause

free Thinking.

Simplified.. english.

nothing.. e X tr rRR aAa ordinary pretended

blurring its evolution

in any,. WAY.. required.


Barry.. oops,. trumpy, grasp this clearly.. we fled to here to be free!

You are where you are,. because free souls created a system freeing ALL.

We will NOT be martial lawed, policed up, pitted by hired ACTORS guilds

nor fund system intertwined CHURCHES and SECRET SOCIETIES

sowing what we obviously long ago opted from.

Believe it or NOT,. we dont do WHITEYS church sKiT

NOR.. any of the BANNER holder rewardees renditions.

ALL babylonian religion,. sKiTs.. are a form of managing

the sheeple,. derived from a form of CONjuring

purposefully honed to ELIMINATE and enslave

ONES CHi energy and NATURAL ORDER connection

to,. the universe.. that has gifted all living, life.


Opted out of the hijacker unions sKiTs and renditioning,. LONG ago.

Obvious iS,. obvious.


Imagine all the free souls gifted living that could enjoy living


PRETENDING,. simply.. were NOT.


I am so fed up with having my sanctity,. raped.


flirty no offense.. but ah.. to the rewardee CONglomerate UNION

we’d really appreciate

if you’d refrain from causing us to,. defend ourselves

killing you.

We never did need the wig and costume,. revolution – rebellion

after we did flee and escaped to sanctity and order

the,. FIRST time.

Nor did we need a civil war sKiT,. forcing us to

defend and bloody ourselves

killing each other again.

And,. again.

and.. again and again and again..

We DONT DO.. ARMED governments.

Say s Ni cK e R whacko monkey f@C..

LiFe,. iS the GiFT!

get iT?


AFTER life,. is NOT the GiFT!

It is your PERSONAL pretend.

now.. move along for fear you are found out,.

oozing Flowery BuLLsHiT or perhaps somehow

principalities rampant.


The Wanderer


Christ shall be returned any day every day any moment, as the free soul gifted life,. goes on choosing the unveiling and connecting of ALL truths that most assuredly will allow and cause all gifted living the best ability at demonstrating the continuation of this gift LiFe, flourishing eternal.

WhaT? flirty


                               jump off this cliff,.






(i know i know,. so u n ds.. inSaNe)

Try this..

The Illuminated!


Did I mention I market DOMAIN NAME BASED,. domains?

Well,. there you have it,. I dO.

WhaT? – Get your check book out.. simple as that!


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murder by gaslight - 1



DOMAIN BASE you,. domainer!


It iS,. time to get online!


and,. if that int e’nuff fer just now,.

kick back with this for about 15 20.

Have you ever tried WordPress?

The TOTALLY free as in verify the signup email and that’s that?

Themes galore,. easily interchangeable.



(i just love that!)

WordPress – Setup your own BLoG website TODAY.. now even!

Check out this TOTALLY free WordPress Website BLoG I put together.

Original Content ART and MEDIA.

And of course,. using YouTuBe videos!


Redwood Assembly



oh,. ok.. and ONE MORE..


(Be with yourself now,. relating) flirty

This POST to be shortened EDiTED and updated.. whenever.