Suns Moons Stars

To me,. it looks like.. clearing the way.

Like,. you are.. looking for something, setting up

system commandeering, orchestrating societies,

shufflers shuffling ritualist waltzing

CHEMtrailer fertilisT cloner HAARPians, anTiCing

something, continuing criminal enterprise,. scurrying.

The,. KABAL CabaliST anTiCing Deed DoiNg,. church.

Caught in time by the universe raw riPpling.

What you have made, is NOT an original riPpling groove,.

but an UNNATURAL injection,. CONducted by those,.

raped into the piTting , the ill led lost now leading,. sowing

the anTiCs of this NWOian amalgation of FAILED

BLOOD sprinkling,. governance.

The per-versed anTiCing mayhem and what are in ReaL ReaLiTy,.

intentional enslavement of the

human species NATURAL ORDER relativness and function

to other than what OBVIOUSLY WAS,. always,. obvious.



Our Great Wellness


Virtual A2z!



073York County Pennsylvania


you DiD do this on purpose?


I have an,. array.. of effects i spend too much time trying to assemble,. which of these, are the child ill leading, city systems hijacking, gang of pretender actors, and their accomplisses, street level prop commandeering hi tech modulating around me, versus.. where the universe wove me within and out.. for,. reference?

I have not made a plan,. in.. decades.

Havent had a watch on for twice that,. and

so it turns out, i find out i know something relevant about the,. tiMe

moST of the,. time.

You,. DiD.. do this on purpose,. right?  flirty

Well then, what do YOU have to say fer yerself,. stalkeR ye? ;o/


Your mind is racing,. thoughts are pacing.. what-the-f@C is, going on here?

What if i said,. this longitude and this latitude,.

N 39.974333
W 76.584946


somewhere, within near there, inside a building?

This one is more,. super hi tech.

Hi Tech sKiTs and BuLLsHiT commandeering you would say? flirty

BinG! eighth note

” A riDdle ainT a RidDle till you riDDle iT “

and,. i will follow up with.. a

” CLue ainT a C l u e till ya GLUE it to, something “

I do have isSues,. daily poisoned by..

SUN refracting WATER supply drying hijacker UNION,

CONglomerates.,. global ANTiCs.

By the way,. i havent had CABLE DISH in seven or eight years

or,. almost is it,. 10!?

You should TRY IT TO!

oOps.. another RiDdLe!

Try out..      whats its like,.       without!

Try out having,. nothing.

Whoa.. easy now… inciting a riot i..

You may free your mind to free thinking at this time!

ReaL ReaLiTy!

ok,.. ok.. really ReaL ReaLiTy!



Skip failed system interacting same ole protocol sKiTting.. ALL together!

Why to allow yet another brotherhood union corporation rapist rebel gang skit, unfolding?


Millions are awake,. the mass are learning the ANtiCs of the commandeering!


The lesson of the ” quaker


” TRUTH BE SO OBVIOUS nothing need said “


Say iT Straight.. maTe – i mean not to offend.. and i DiD mention,. somewhere


LiFe,. iS the GiFT!


Main operating rule #1 – LiFe,. NOT.. AFTER – life.. iS the GiFT!


This that gifted all living life,. that some call,.. god

until vessel expired or NON man made natural calamity stricken

has ALWAYS been obvious.


LiFe,. is the GiFT!

Welcome, to the wiZard of Oz? flirty

Try this..

In order to be a luciferian,. a devil worshipper,. a CABAL KABALIST,.

one must first opt in to pretending that what is obviously NOT there,. is.


as is with most as yourself complicit,. hijacking

vice versa


Opt out of PRETENDING altogether!

Free your mind to free thinking.

sKip ass backwards consonant and vowel hocking roll,. ALL together!



Free yourself to becoming a free soul amongst others

causing this gift life and for all gifted it, onto flourishing eternal.


WhaT.. welcome to,. ReaL ReaLiTy!







PRETEND.. this is,. a MOVIE!

A night at the strand!

Nothing,. pluGiN appleT,. zombie programming but,.

if you are really advanced,. maybe something more akin to,. an

open string vi B rA t i Ng – riPples ripPLing.. huhflirty

ok,. nevermind N eV eR mi Nd.


The NATURAL process of a universe gifted living,. is obvious.

LiFe,. is the GiFT!




There are none and have never been anything CHURCHES or RELIGION

as governments intertwined with such,. that have ever a lineage

their FIRST CHOICE to unite ALL,. giFTing LiFe.




The free soul opting out of association with rewards

sowing life unto early death

Has chosen rightly.

But from where to assemble the rest!?




Peoples Assembly you too!


Anyway,. there you have it.. The.. Greatest Ministry On Earth.






ok,. hold it,. loony ass you know who just stopped by again.


Oh alright,. lisTen,. your supposed to send me ALL,. ok.. MoST

of your money to the second smiling face from the top,. down.

whaT? flirty

o k,.  Ne V e R mi nD.. nevermind.

i just made ALL this stufF up,. even the pictures,. they arent real either.

s Na p snAP,. sNaP s NaP snAp… ok,. your awake now. sixteenth note

move along.. .. .

on your way . .. . .. .


Were.. o f F to see the,. wiZard.. the,. w o n d e r f u l wizard of,. … .. . ah flirty

The Universe has been gifted living!

And LiFe,. iS the GiFT!

Till vessel expired or NON man made natural calamity stricken.



You know, i could on and on, like a happy lil pig

wallowing around in its favorite mud puddle!




The Original You ToO!


OpStr! – Operating Strength of, ONE.

*** Desktop it if you like! ***




Because b e C A a U se be c a use because.. of the.. oh.. r e a LL y ?