Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind!

Free the world gathered.

Free the living, to life!

Check out this bit of ReaL ReaLiTy I found on YouTuBe and embedded below.

Zeitgeist – Origins of Religion


If you turn off opt out of and CANCEL, your CABLE DISH and this programming of the ill led rewarded complicit commandeering,. reENacting what never was,..  well then,. grasping the REALITY of the obvious that leads the living to causing life to flourish,. eternal.. will come much more,. easily.


And no.. it isn’t a riddle.  flirty


See this one yet?


Only a thief,. the rapist murderer,. upon delusion based thinking

would go on to thinking thoughts thieving the inner light lit example of definers

unto themselves and their lineage.. of,. reENactors.. defiling.


Bout time to take a spin round real reality don’t you think?


ok,.  try this.. OuV2?


I recommend something,. more.. ReaL ReaLiTy!

Free Souls Freeing ALL!


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Niche market YOU around the universe as you see fiT!

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flirty  Seriously..

Anytime you want to send your money,. that I will show you online live where it went..

I DID by no choice of my own opting,. start the greatest ministry on earth

sometime maybe 08.. not marking it till.. 10.10.10!

What?   flirty


ok,. siLLy you ThiNkiNg as you dO..


perhaps,. a round of,. CHRIST RETURNED ” might be more like iT! 😮


Free Souls Freeing ALL!




flirty  whaT?

Yes.. it is obvious you are delusional.. and

highly dangerous.



Try this..

Real.. NON CHRISTO sKiT reenacting..  universe of the living connected,. free souls


National Historical Association

Thomas Paine

Nikola Tesla

Cyrus The Great

George Fox

In no particular order ta’ll.  flirty


Free Souls Freeing ALL!


I did mention domain basing,. you?

How about,. something not abbreviated,. not tax system intertwined shuffling thieving not, in pocket job holding education system corrupting gender referencing SEXUAL BEHAVIOR ORIENTING child defiling ill leading divides crossing printing out of thin air rebel gang government ACTORS guild university sKiT funding,

systems HijacKing complicit commandeering,.

afterlife selling, racism and bonoboist behavior,. reenacting,.

hollywoodian HiJackeR CONglomerate front

JOB holding

” tax system intertwined ”


banner HolDiNg..

child ill leading,. raping

free souls local society sanctity defiling,.

… overrunning … whaT ?  flirty

” whoa,… .. . ? ?

take a breath from your th iN K iNg.

Tis only you there with yourself now.

Subject of none other.. the operating strength of one you only ever did need.

b r e A t h e … … …

Its the WAY it has always been.

The GiFT,. iS.. LiFe!


Quakers.Me! – Have you not quaked before the lord this day?

You may,. Quake now.




flirty  Anyway.. I did mention domain basing you!

Connect the likeminded interested you found socializing to YOUR domain base!

Niche market you,. have you found as you see fit.

Manage your own domain name portfolio yourself.

Wrap your mind around some of this ReaL ReaLiTy that led the inner light lit to

freeing ALL!

National Historical Association

Did your lil thinker go huh and w u nDeR off asking yourself why have you never heard of such profound life freeing reality obviously leading the living to being truly,. free?  flirty


I recommend that it is likely time you should rock yourself properly…

be sure to.. dance around a bit.

In the midnight hour… more.. more,. more..


Life is the gift until vessel expired or non man made natural calamity stricken.

This that has gifted ALL living life,. that some call god.. remains forever.. obvious.

You have been relinquished of your delusional selfs thinking that you should be ruling


directing over anothers life.

We say so.. to us each our untouchable non servient right.

I mean,. seriously.. there you are.. proxy warring.. ician

ISiS rebel sKiT reenacting,. pin point.. murdering

all whilst complicit funding with free souls and peasants,.

empire city gang CONglomerate, printed out of nowhere

non profit profiteering,. enslaved..


Did I type that right so it made sense to your gendered heads twisted thinking? :{o


Nope.. you aint bright nuff ta be thinkn fer us… I aM.. posTivvve.


Just messing with ideas.. updating soon. :{o


Support Definers Defining!

MuLTi TheMe ProjecTs


Brooklyn Bridge


” One.. will never be free to freeing others

unable to realize they are standing fast in the pit

rewarded assisting the rapist butcher “


 The plight of those once went fleeing has not changed a pitance for these the ill led by poor example keeping rape not only their own children but as well the lives others into the sickness of.. PRETENDING.