Back Road Ride

Back Road Ride

Foghat – Slow Ride – LiVe!

Have you ever seen, or for that matter have you ever heard, the tune

” Slow Ride “



Find something you forgot you found out,. or

didn’t know!

s L o w W w w   r i d e..

The internet is so cool.

One thought to thinking and off you go!


William Penn


William Penn – Statue of William Penn in courtyard of city hall Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

“I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore there be any kindness I can show…let me do it now.”
William Penn

“A good end cannot sanctify evil means; nor must we ever do evil that good may come of it.”

“Right is right even if everyone is against it. And wrong is wrong even if everyone is for it.”
William Penn

“Let us try what love will do ”
William Penn


Quaker tHiS and Quaker THaT, get yourself a Quaker HaT!

Or,. a half a doZen or so,. or

one for everyday of the week while you are at iT.



Stand Under Our Umbrella!




Jay Parker – Raised Illuminati – What a great insight

Jay,. if a riDdle ainT a RidDLE if it ainT..

what is it! ?

Fun lil tidbit right about 47:00 regarding William Penn.

I know.. you didnt know,. but.. iLLuminatiflirty

Adam Weishaupt is the founder of the perfectibilist.. later titled

Illuminati – 1776.

Adam Weishaupt,. fled.. was, required to relocate himself

for his own safety.. BEFORE the ” iLLuminatifront

was commandeered by,. class?


This is William,… William Penn.

William Penn Age 22

William is one of,. The.. illuminated!

No,. i didnt say,. illuminati.

Obvious iS.. obvious!

(you can hear him say’n iT ainT)


You can be a Quaker toO!

” No Cross No Crown “



” Females Are Equals “

” NONE can be VIOLATED “


whaT? i made most of that up –  flirty

Well.. maybe not, since the OBVIOUS


never did, NEED to be,. wriTten.

Or,. CONjured.. or reENacTor anTiciZed in any way.

How bout iT?

Go ahead and PRETEND you didnt read iT

or,. that you cant grasp the obvious Freeing ALL qualities.

You will stand yourself front,. complicit.. commandeering.

Freeing ALL ministries

support definers defining!

MuLTi TheMe ProjecTs


Have you ever heard of Sir Francis Bacon?

How about.. Reginald Scot?

Time to THINK for yourself free soul!


If ONE are too eat too much BACON

shall they then become a pig?



We DONT do the Babylonian sKiT.

No part point funding involvement

government nor education upon


Free Your Mind Here!

( NO version nor rendition.. . )

Nothing.. gender referencing,. sexual behavior orienting

dividing ordering rewarding.

Not possibly publicly imposing.

Nothing female enslaving subservience sowing.

Nothing child ill leading defiling,. rape and AFTER life selling





Got yourself a Quaker Hat?

Well.. get one.. or a doZen or so!

Be Creative!

One for everyday of the week while you are at iT!

Free Souls Freeing ALL

LiFe,. is The GiFT!


Did i mention we DO NOT DO ANY,. … of the .. .

Babylonian BIG 3 sKiT nor any of its BLOOD money builT



American – ” No U where it shouldn’t be

z instead of the tongues twisted thinking of S

freeing ALL ENGLISH.

The Freeing ALL medium proven to cause free thinking!


anyway…flirty you can be a,. Q u a ker toO!

No.. no i did not just say.. 501c non profit system intertwined

CHRISTO skitting.. quaker.

No offense.

To each their own,. PRETEND.

We are simply NOT pretending with you,. nor will we be governed nor ruled over by your brains thinking based upon presumption concocted premise and outright pretend.

Actually,. we’d appreciate if you’d keep,. as well as YOUR gender referencing

sexual behavior orienting issues

which are for others – NON issues, that you seem to think that you need rewarded for while imposing upon others public,. behavior, no free soul would have ever accosted upon theirs or anyone elses self, children or sanctity..

ALL,. from YOUR children

OUR children,. our public,. education,. and government.


I EDIT add and subtract content something likened to,. a wHim.

so,. go ahead,. you and your thinking.. sN ic K eR..


” Your minds have been raped from your keeping ”


Upon the sKiTs of hijacker PENMEN toiling..

you pretend that what isnt is and that what is,. is not.


Feel free to buy a..



PRIVACY available – maybe something,. .WTF !?


Ok,. never mind.. i dont do,. bleSsy mesSy CHURCHY

AFTER life sales.. and ” eye to eye ”  catchy ” enclavic weirdo “

” oh I agree to be complicit and silent toooo.. “

system shuffling, churchy WORDY sKiTting..

popeian plain site canonization children sacrificing

enclavic rapling pediophile free souls fitness,. CRUNCHING

systems commandeering,. ROBBING,. the

thieving ill leading others lives,. back around the endless circle of REACTING to what the others learnt to PRETEND trapped in the same tale a happy slave toiling,. unaware of their loss beserk.. a puppet tool demoralizing the rest,.

if only you would make up YOUR mind,. to

have the look that really will allow you to,. see.

No offense.

iTs AFTER 11.

We.. didn’t ill lead you.

And.. you HAVE BEEN,. and are.. highly.. ill led.

Stop HOLDING the ” few ” BANNERS this hijacker rapist bonoboist

CONglomerate of WORLD Hijackers

have given us to HOLD,. and division,. ends

And again,. no offense. flirty


 ” LiFe is The GiFT “




trumps even the notion that a..


or some 70 year old loud mouth systems commandeer

could in anyway,. even THINK it should exist

assigned somehow to,. ENACTING for the ResT?





while penmen ENSLAVE us,.

sKiTtinG our money into oblivion.



HiJacking 101

CCE in progress!


Just as the VOTE circumventing electoral college,. iS

a hijackers skiT.

” A valid one vote is a valid one vote “

kNocK knoCK ? flirty

” Welcome to,. AMERICA!


Your best bet,. is to either uninstall all ya’ll selves

or.. have all ya’ll selves arrested,. together!

Whats that old show?

” Order in the court,. cause.. here comes the judge! “


yer start’n to grin ainT cha? flirty


TWO DOMAIN portfolio for sale!







When you opt out as those of us who fled,. the

inner light liT,. RADIATING,. becomes.. obvious.


Be sure to have a serious browse of this fun stuFf!

Benjamin Fulford - 320x100

 ^ BenjaminFulford.comin japanese

Have you ever tried an online tranlator?

Oh.. nevermind – Heres the English Version!

And,. be sURE to browse here!


Cancel your CABLE DiSH programming,. TODAY!


Why to bother listening to the ill led gained gotten

stuck in their piT,. rewarded,. raping us?


We WILL NOT be needing assistance with our observations

of,. ReaL ReaLiTy.


clock 1 - 6O6 - 2

This picture is an,. accident, by virtue of time chance.

You have less than,. 24 seconds lefT.


In case you are too.. sKiT intertwined rewarded


to understand what has just happened,. you

and your lineage,. those upon the wave

you have been raped into riding

threw.. a stone.

The RiPpleS they caused thru this universe of the gifted living,. returned.



Try some of this!

Where have you been dear inner light liT,. friend.

In the piT,. busy reENACTing the BANNER holding sKiTs they

gaVe you to hold?

Paying for,. CABLE DiSH programming,. ill leading?


flirty  Be with yourself now,. relating!


From The Trenches World Report - 1


The following is my perspective (524i) regarding the presentation above:

Real free souls with NATURAL ORDER ability.

They ALL had it,. and they ALL knew their place amongst others.

And,. as LiFe,. iS The GiFT..

generation to generation,. overlapping, of any age

they ALL knew and took part.. knowing the tree would stand

they drew energy, a circuit between their ground to the universe

and their ability to pull positive energy from the aether, which

on a molecular level,. runs thru, ALL living vessels,

to place the chosen branch, directing.


you go on down to church box and keep your pretend inside

to yourselves,. how bout it?

Sell ya a DOMAIN or Two?


Showing the way to where the resources one needed to remain alive

are to be found,. is NOT, PRAYING over a tree.

It is the friendly passing of every living vessel,. well grounded

to the universe, naturally.

The CHi energy of themselves

from there hands, drawn,. they each guided the brances

toward,. the WAY.

Circumcision was not required by default,. BEFORE the fig leaf, sKiT.

The Chi energy enslavement sKiT anTiCing, are highly ill led.

They are enslaved, sick,. do NOT reACT. – 17:55/56

Get your PENN and BROOM on Too!

Virtual A2z!

In a well functioning NATURALLY ORDERED REALM..

ONE MAINTAINS,. celibacy.. oneness with self and the universe

lest,. a match be made where natural order connection

is well understood.

CHOSEN BROOD,. CONcepts.. cird versus uncird, NULL and VOID.

They are enslaved to anTiCing high frequency.. pretend.

Toiling,. paying, funding.. MAINTAINING

within a system, for rewards that

thieves displaces rapes and murders others.


The dissolved, sKiT ill led,.

on air water and food,. natural order destroying, anTiCisms

LOST ill leading their,. OWN.. enslaving others to their CHOICE

pretending the hijacker governments, Flowery BuLLsHiT.


With the iDEAL.. ONENESS amongst many and the UNIVERSE

CELIBACY is simply an occurance.

Back to chimpanzees versus,. bonobos?

A child,. would never be,. raped into existence.

NO CHURCH trafficking in magisterial kiddy choppy, sickness.


tongues twisted CONjuring, blood letting stupidity.

How about it?

A choice, to bring life into existence would be made.

Those bringing the life,. would be able to assure

attending to, ALL needs.

CLONING,. he shes is beyond,. stupidity.

And again, NATURAL ORDER has always been obvious.

DONALD,. someone said you and a bunch of others

are in fact,. fertilized CONcoctions,. mutts of some sort?

C L O N E S…. no? anyway domain privacy available.

Tell on yourself!

Free Souls Freeing ALL

The ANTiciST BLOOD sprinkler eugenist

CHi energy enslaved enslaving

can only hope their children,. and those they ill led

CHOSE to, opt out,. of harvesting and manipulating

for profit and MAYHEM,. this once glorious planet earth.

LiFe,. iS The GiFT!

Free Souls Freeing ALL!

Get your hat on Quaker!

DOMAiN BASED DOMAiNiNG,. domainer.. the RaGe!

Peoples Assembly you too.

Not ready for HOSTiNG your own DOMAiN yet?

Get your tiPpys dipPed for FREE!

WordPress – the get you online near instantly

DO ALL website BLoG

you ought to try out,. just now.



vofn - image-collage

vofn-fire firewalker - first nations - 1

Welcome to the
Village of First Nations

We are proud to bring Native issues, peoples and culture to the Internet in a way that allows us to educate, understand and promote Native ways.

Our Internet web site is a place where all Indigenous Peoples have a forum for their many voices.

Long March To Rome

Hidden No longer <- Kevin Annett – Mary Janiga – > YouTuBe -> Hidden No Longer



whaT? flirty

ok,. try.. this!

Kev, i aM,. not much into abbreviations of ANY sorT.



or,. The JUDGES piT,. or something..





Virtual A2z!

whaT? flirty oh,.. ok.. perhaps ya’ll like something more,.

a round




or, oh,. ok.. CHRIST RETURNED,. again!

siLLy fuCd up pretender monkeys

Try this..

Reality versus Religion

There is a site linked from ThiS PAGE mentioning columbus

” coming upon the arawak “

Somewhere in the SOLAR NAVIGATOR write,. it was mentioned

from sources,. that

columbus and his merry lil fucR slaughterers

came to someone elses house again,. why

and made it a point to chop off the hands

of the children not fetching back to them

enough,. gold?

In,. reality.. the children,. were born, still closest

to some, whatever ” seemingly magical-REAL era ” of

vessel and natural order connection.

Considering,. first and foremost,. LiFe,. iS the GiFT,

they were,. very.. powerful.

On the other hand..

The babylonian brained bonoboist sKiT anTiCing,.

Chi energy sKiT enslaved

vying for AFTER life..

these,. vulgar tonguing COnjurers CONjuring


within their,. organiZed thinking..

to,. chop the hands,. from these children, gifted.

To assure,. i am thinking,. that they might not be,

disarmed.. or thrown around.

(from a distance)

CHINA.. russia.. you BANNED falun gong book and mediation?

This,. SUMS up.. who yous are.

In american.. they made a fancier system of plain site, enslaving.

MASONS jesuits popian church anti reformers

im black im white my sexual behavior

should be recognized and rewarded

wheres whos dick went for what further

dramatic renditioning again,. and oh my

how the day passed,. f@cd.

ShORT ciRcuiTing – ill led rewarded ANTIciST.

Deed doing raplings, do all the enslaving.

This,. NOT OIL,. a ” mere profiting by product ” of these proxy warring

SECRET SOCIETIED district enclave unions, is to ERADICATE

free souls still natural order radiating,. and to enslave them unto

CHOOSING,. some FORM,. of babylonian anTiCisT

BIG 3 or 4 or so,. CHi energy ensalvement,. sKiTs.

Judaism – Christianity – Islam – Sufiism – Hinduism


while,. not letting you know,. even though you or your childen

may be mamed or killed while they are,. doing it.

Then,. they give you wounded warrior projects, to fund

whilst anticing over manufacted guilt and hate.

These,. creatures..

can always find some,. RIGHT NESS in thieving, raping,

the murdering of those not understanding or ABLE to horde gold,

that they may maintain themselves,. freer,. paying regularly,

to some, cabalist governments, religions and education.

William Penn wrote NO CROSS NO CROWN

Most were illiterate.. only the TITLE mattered.

George Fox was a Quaker.

An inner light lit churchless free soul.

Wrote a book on miracles.

Went around healing.

William Penn, was a Quaker too.

Was known to have an unusual BROAD jump

able to,. out jump the native indians they were

living PEACEFULLY with.

knock knock..


OpStr tHiS and OpStr ThaT,. get yourself an ” Operating HaT “

  i couldnt resist.

The Custodian!





Kevin Quinn - Bush Family Nazi Connections and The Black Pope - 1



Reginald Scot (Scott) (1599)

Scots-Discovery-Of-Witches   flirty PDF

More Information:

Reginald Scot (Scott), (d. 1599), writer on witchcraft. The Discoverie of Witchcraft, his most important work, was published without licence in 1584 and reprinted in 1651, 1654, and 1665… Scott’s objective was to refute the Démonomanie of Jean Bodin (1580) and to go well beyond the arguments of the most radical author on witchcraft known to him, Johann Weyer, whose De praestigiis daemonum (1566) had been attacked by Bodin. Scott made a number of remarkable claims. He maintained that there were no witches in contemporary England and that all those executed for witchcraft were innocent: “he had tried to find anyone who would offer instruction in witchcraft without success. He asserted that none of the terms used in the Bible which had been translated as ‘witch’ had that meaning in the original languages, thereby undermining the claim that there was a biblical sanction for the execution of witches, and he is thus a significant figure in the history of biblical criticism. According to Scott, witchcraft was an impossible crime, because words could not work upon the world. His arguments thus implied a radical separation between mind and matter. He contended that where curses or spells were followed by unpleasant events the link between the two was entirely coincidental. Scott went beyond a systematic attack on the intellectual foundations of the belief in witchcraft because he described witch accusations in England as resulting out of a particular type of social encounter: old women begging for food or other assistance would curse their neighbours when they were turned away empty handed; if something bad then happened – the death of a child, perhaps – the old woman would be taken to be a witch. Witchcraft accusations in England thus arose in the context of disagreements over expectations and obligations relating to charitable giving. This sociological account was persuasive to contemporaries and has been adopted by modern historians. As far as Scott was concerned, those who confessed to being witches were either deluded or the victims of torture, while much of what Bodin had taken to be evidence for the existence of witchcraft in different eras and diverse cultures Scott was prepared to dismiss as mere fable and fiction. His book was a remarkable triumph of erudition for an obscure country gentleman with little formal education: he listed 212 Latin and 23 English authors on whom he drew. He had clearly taken an interest in contemporary English trials, but there is no evidence to support the suggestion that he was a JP, beyond the fact that he claimed the title of esquire. Scott bolstered his study of witchcraft with attacks on other forms of credulity and superstition, under which heading he included Catholicism and astrology. He dismissed alchemy as a type of confidence trick. He reproduced from a manuscript detailed procedures for conjuring up demons, presumably with the idea that his readers could demonstrate for themselves that such techniques were ineffective. And he set out to show how easy it was to confuse an observer. To this end he dedicated book 13 to the first significant account of how to perform conjuring tricks. The book, with some revisions, was republished as The Art of Juggling (1612; repr. 1614) by S. R., which was itself absorbed into Hocus Pocus Junior (1634); this had numerous editions in the seventeenth century (one calling itself the thirteenth edition appeared in 1697) and was the basis of later manuals on legerdemain which continued to appear into the twentieth century.

The Discoverie ended with a ‘Discourse on devils and spirits’ (which is unfortunately omitted from some modern reprints; the 1665 edition contains a spurious second discourse). Although this discourse avoided a full-frontal attack on orthodoxy, it appears from it that Scott was not a Trinitarian and did not believe that the account of the fall in the book of Genesis referred to a historical event. He seems to have held that the idea of good and evil spirits was simply a metaphor for internal promptings towards good and evil experienced by the individual and that the individual could overcome evil and become truly good. The discourse was incompatible with orthodox protestant Christianity, which stressed predestination, and it, together with Scott’s association with Abraham Fleming (who worked with him on the Discoverie and published a familist prayer book in 1581), suggests that he may well have been a member of the Family of Love.





” In order for one to actually be a luciferian,. a devil worshipper

you must first pretend that what is not there,. is. “


Here,. try this.

Christ shall be returned any day every day any moment

as the free soul gifted living goes onto choosing the way

that leads all gifted living onto continuing this gift life,.

flourishing eternal.



Connect the likeminded interested you found socializing

to your corner of the world wide web

found, as you se fiT!


Support definers defining!

MuLTi TheMe ProjecTs




Website315Aint Been Easy

Virtual A2z!